Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Biomes are an important part of exploration and settling your colony. Each biome will feature different environmental hazards and of course, soil types.

Soil types[]

The landscape is divided into three main soil types which affect building placement and crop growth. The dry starting condition alters the amount of soil types and their visuals, but you can still find Fertile areas even there.

  • Fertile: Greenest and loveliest of soils, providing the best yields for your Fields.
  • Normal: Reasonably verdant soil, still a nice spot for Fields and Wells.
  • Barren: Inhospitable and dry, this soil cannot sustain any normal Fields. Water sources here are too deep for regular Wells.

Biome types[]

Type Description Notes
Portrait biome 1.png
Easy to travel, but aggressive bandits might reside in this environment.
Portrait biome 3.png
Wet environment that is slow and hard to cross.
Portrait biome 4.png


Impassable terrain which must be circled around
Portrait biome 0.png


Lush area covered with occasional forests. Easy to travel.
Portrait biome 2.png
Demanding environment where only the toughest bandits survive.
Portrait biome 5.png


Devastated ruins of an old city. Difficult to navigate, locations filled with hazards.
Portrait biome 6.png


Dangerous environment with plenty of contaminated locations.