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Buildings make up your colony and are essential for its proper functioning.


Once a building is constructed, its operation can be adjusted in a number of ways. It can be paused to free all the current workers to do other tasks in the colony. A paused building does not consume any Energy or Water. You can also add or remove Work Slots to speed up production or move workers to other tasks as necessary. Opening a new slot automatically assigns the best available person to the building.

Buildings can also be salvaged to get back roughly half of their construction materials. To salvage a building, select Salvage in the building info. This starts a short countdown during which you can still cancel the salvage command. After the countdown ends, the salvage operation is immediate and final, so use it carefully. Salvaging a storage building will have its contents dumped on the ground where they are picked up and transported to a new storage if one is available.

Some buildings also require you to select the type of item you want it to produce, such as Crops in a Field or the type of Insect in the insect farm.

Work area[]

Several buildings operate within a Work Area. Many of the buildings use work areas, such as Scrapper, Recycler, Sawmill and a few other buildings used for resource production. You must move work areas manually over the deposits you want to scavenge. Updating the Work Areas is crucial for efficient production, so be sure to open up the building menu and select Move Work Area to order your Colonists toward new Berry Bushes, Metal Deposits and so on. Overlapping areas will diminish efficiency, so spread them out from each other. A notification will let you know when a building has gathered everything from its Work Area so you can move it to a new location.



While your Colonists will sleep on the ground when necessary, having enough shelters for everyone is a top priority. Tents and houses not only improve their Happiness but also shield them from the elements. Without a bed to sleep on, colonists will get Tired and eventually Exhausted due to lack of sleep. They can also get Sick, requiring medical attention.

Shelters range from simple Tents all the way to nice houses with near-modern comforts. Upgrading to sturdier houses improves people's Happiness and provides better protection against the harsh conditions and even Catastrophes. They also encourage your populace to have children as they feel more secure and private in a proper home. Colonists attempt to live close to where they work, so spreading out the housing reduces the time people have to walk back and forth.

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Storage buildings are where your Colonists will store the various materials and items that they gather throughout the course of the game.

Certain Storage Buildings can only store certain items.

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Health & Safety[]

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