Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Colonists come with a variety of traits. Effectively leveraging them helps optimize the efficiency of your colony.


Trait Description Effects Notes
Footless Is missing a foot after stepping into an old trap. Only survived by slowly cutting the whole thing off with a knife. Walking speed-15%
Radfiend Constant exposure to radiation has made the skin thick as a brick. Radiation resistance +20%
Scarred Wounds from old battles have scarred. Nice look for an apocalypse. No effect
One-eyed Tried to make a quick buck by fighting in one of the notorious clan fighting pits, but only ended up losing an eye. Production speed -5%
Hook for a hand Had to replace a lost hand with an artificial one. Production speed -15%
Hairy Mutation has caused excessive body hair growth Cold resistance +20%
Caved-in skull No recollection what caused the injury, but continous pain and long sleepless nights are always present. Max. Health -20
Skin disease The horrible conditions have deteriorated the skin and immune system. Radiation resistance -20%
Catastrofan Happier during catastrophes. Happiness +30 during catastrophes
Masochist Enjoys feeling pain. Causing self-inflicted injuries give great satisfaction. Damages self when in full Health
Driven Troubled mind that might go ballistic at any moment. Production speed +15%
Broken Knuckles Knuckles are always scarred or bloody. Lets out aggression by beating the ground or the walls when no one is looking. Max. Health -20%
Horrors of the Past It is difficult to think anything but the horrors they've witnessed. Hard labour helps to take the mind off things. Production speed +5%
Haemohobic Irrationally afraid of blood. Seeing or touching blood makes all senses numb and breathing becomes difficult. Production speed -15% as a Medic
Bullet Sponge Got shot plenty of times with several bullets still lodged inside. Would trigger metal detectors if there were any left. Production speed -5%, Max. Health -20
Minesweeper One of the lucky ones clearing old minefields. Lost only part of one foot and some toes from the other. Walking speed -25%
Paranoid Suspects everything and everyone, jumpy and irrational. Production speed -5%
Wanderer Sins of the past created this ragged wanderer of the wasteland. Walking speed -25%
Daydreamer Has a hard time concentrating on the task at hand, dreams of better times. Production speed -5%
Obsessed Annoyingly focused on doing everything as fast and as good as possible. Production speed +15%
Glutton Eats more than they should. Does not care if someone is left without food. Twice as hungry
Suicidal Feels there is no hope in the world. Only salvation is death.
Poet Takes long walks in the woods for apparently no reason but to talk by itself. Production speed -5%
Hedonist Puts personal comfort above all. Max. Happiness -30 living in a shelter with no power
Spiritual Believes in something larger than the human kind. No effect
Authoritatian Believes in control, strong leadership and discipline. Production speed +15% with over five specialists in the colony
Hard Worker Works harder than average. Production speed +15%
Sloth Sleeps longer than others. Resting rate -50%
Camel Could drink a lake dry. Increased water consumption
Reckless Dives headlong into everything without thinking first. Production speed -5%
Picky Very selective about what they eat, gets by with less. Hunger rate -15%
Lazy Just doesn't give a damn about work. Production speed -15%
Clumsy Constantly tripping over their own feet. Walking speed -25%
Green thumb Feeling dry dirt between the fingers is the best feeling in the world. Production speed +15% as a Farmer
Fanatic Embraces their calling fully and unconditionally. Almost never gets Tired
Optimist Seemingly resistant to the troubles in the world. Max. Happiness +20%
Pessimist Always thinking the worst of everything. Max. Happiness -20%
Athletic Naturally gifted athlete with incredible speed and endurance. Max. health +20%, Walking speed +20%
Hermit New survivor groups cause anxiety. Happiness penalty when survivors join the colony
Expansionist Welcomes new survivor groups with open arms. Happiness boost when survivors join the colony
Workaholic Can't not be working on something all day every day. 15% slower to get tired
Luddite Prefers old ways and abhors new technology. No effect
Competitive Has to be first everywhere, best at everything, or at least the fastest. Walking speed +20%
Tough Built like a brick house, able to endure many hardships. Max. health +20%
Healthy Picture of health despite the adverse conditions. Faster injury recovery
Indifferent Has a hard time caring about anything. Production speed -5%
Fasting Makes due with less Food. Slower to get hungry
Hyperactive Has a tough time focusing on one thing at a time. Needs more time to get Educated
Fast Learner A real sponge for knowledge. Needs less time to get Educated
Strong Kid Incredibly strong kid for their age. No speed penalty for carrying boxes
Burn victim Couldn't outrun a forest fire. Radiation resistance -20%
Snapped A nasty fall left the spine damaged and movements stiff. Production speed -15%
Reflux Radiation poisoning causes waves of nausea when eating. Max. Health -20
Frost-bitten Sleeping through a cold night in wet shoes cost five toes and half a foot. Walking speed -25%
Clawed An encounter with a ferocious beast left its mark; scars across the face and a mutilated nose. No effect
Extra Padding Mutation has made it easier to gather and preserve body fat. Cold resistance +20%
Martial artist Sees themselves as a professional fighter, aims constantly for maximum fitness. Max. health +30%
Bleeder Refusal to rest prevents wounds from healing properly. Max. Health -20
Adrenaline Junkie Feels most alive in dangerous and deadly situations. Happiness +30 during catastrophes
Washed up Occasionally dips into their most precious memories and feels hopeful once again. Production speed +5%
Former Hunter Was left permanently injured by a terrible hunting accident. Damages self when in full Health
Fearful Knows something awful will happen, just like it did before. Production speed -15%
Stress-eater Copes with stress and hardships by overeating. Twice as hungry
Obsessive Handicapped by compulsive thoughts and small rituals. Production speed -15%
Bossy Would rather do things their way, no matter what others say. No effect
Comfort Seeker Aspires to minimize pain and maximize pleasure in life. Max. Happiness -30 living in a shelter with no power
Idealist Believes in the inherent good will within everyone. No effect
Ritualistic Has structured their day around strict religious routines. No effect
Selfless Finds fulfillment in putting the needs of others before their own. Almost never gets Tired
Punctual Finds comfort in organization, punctuality and schedules. Walking speed +20%
Suspicious Distrustful of new and unfamiliar people. Happiness penalty when survivors join the colony
People person Enjoys meeting new people. Happiness boost when survivors join the colony
Farmhand Loves to see things grow and blossom. Production speed +15% as a Farmer
Loiterer Tries to take things easy whenever possible. Walking speed -25%
Picture of health Their body is a temple; well respected and in peak physical condition. Max. health +20%, faster injury recovery
Genetic lottery Blessed with remarkable genes Faster injury recovery
Been there A lifetime of hardship has made the body sturdy and durable. Max. health +30%
Believer Religious background helps to see hope where there might not be any. Max. Happiness +20%
Resigned Has completely given up and doesn't see the point in anything anymore. Production speed -15%
Fight Fan Craves violent entertainment of an Arena. Might set a building on fire if on low Happiness
Reverent Needs a Memorial to honor the dead.
Sweet Tooth Craves for baked goods of a Bakery.
Imagined Illness Wants a proper Field Hospital.
Conservator Wants a Forester to plant trees.
Petrolhead Wants a Motor Shop in the colony.
Proper Burial Wants the dead to be buried in a Cemetery.
Educator Wants children to go to School.
Prospector Wants to see a Metal Extractor.
Bookworm Wants information to be preserved in a Library.
Fish Fan Enjoys catching and cooking fish.
Logger Progress is clearing forest and turning it to firewood.
Environmental Wants to see pollution cleared from their surroundings.
Handyman A properly maintained colony is a good colony.
Trader Wants to see the colony trade with other societies.
Sun Worship Harnessing the power of the sun is of utmost importance.
Arsonist Wants to see the world burn.
Cop Appreciates well-guarded and policed colony. Happiness boost from high Security
Gearhead Understands vehicles better than people. Increased Happiness as a Mechanic
Tech messiah Impossibly interested in all kinds of new tech. Happiness boost when new tech is discovered
Smart Mental mastermind, acute researcher. Increased production speed as Scientist
Master builder Always crafting, building, tinkering and fixing things. Increased building speed
Packrat Incredible ability to carry more than others and still walk quickly. Increased walking speed when carrying crates
Clever Quick to think on their feet, natural affinity for discovery. Increased production speed as Engineer
Perfectionist Only perfect will do, spends ages working on minute details. Reduced production speed