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Colonists are hungry. At the beginning of the game the most convenient source of Food is Wild Berries. Gather them by moving the Work Area of your Food Storage on top of the bushes so your colonist know where to go. Berries are only a temporary solution. More permanent sources of Food can be established with Trappers, Fishing Huts and Fields.

Your colony has several ways of producing a variety of Food. The simplest way is to direct your Colonists to gather Berries near your starting location by selecting the Food Storage and setting its Work Area on top of the Berry Bushes. This will provide a quick but short term option to top up your stores.

A more long-term solution is to build Trappers and, if there are lakes nearby, Fishing Huts. Both provide a steady stream of Venison and Fish respectively but will struggle to supply enough for a large colony. For that, you will need Fields.

Fields are free to build but need normal or preferably fertile soil to flourish. They can take a long time to cultivate and grow but will provide large amounts of produce—from Corn to Potatoes and Cabbage depending on which Seeds you have available. New Crops are faster to grow or provide a more bountiful harvest, so always keep an eye on them.

Advanced methods of food production include Ranches and Insect Farms. The former provides the colony with Meat while the latter combines the steady production of the Trapper with yields similar to Fields.

Food production is very prone to disruptions from Catastrophes and such, so a good stock of varied items is a necessity. You can also scavenge food from abandoned farms and diners on the World Map and a Specialist can be worth their weight in gold when bringing more Food into the colony during a time of crisis.

Foods are technically qualified as resources.

Food types[]


Name Description Growth rate Yield Required Buildings Notes
Fish Locally sourced fish straight from the pond. Good source of essential fats and nutrients.
Meat One of the basic Food types each colonists need to avoid Malnutrition. Just eating bellies full is not enough in the long term. People also need all vitamins and nutrients that come from a diverse food palette. Fish, Venison and Insects are counted as Meat.
Egg A very good source of Protein. Chickens in a Ranch lay Eggs that can be used for colonist Food.
Lettuce ?
Corn Corn or maize is a fast grower that can yield multiple small harvests in a short amount of time. Very low endurance against catastrophes. Normal Low
Potato Potato grows slowly but provides a nice harvest. As the edible parts are underground, it endures catastrophes better than many other crops. Slow Medium
Wheat A type of grain famous for its incredibly versatile processing potential. Grows relatively fast and gives a good yield. Normal Medium
Cabbage Easy to grow and yielding a good harvest, cabbage is a good choice for a post-apocalyptic farmer. Normal Medium
Carrot Carrots are fast-growing crops with adequate yields and packed with beneficial nutrients for the whole family. Fast Low
Peanut Mostly hidden underground inside nature's own packaging, peanuts give a good harvest and endure against catastrophes fairly well. Normal Medium
Soybean Luscious and plentiful in harvest, soybeans can supply a large community with necessary protein. Normal High
Crickets Crickets are common and nutritious edible insects. They grow quickly but offer a mediocre yield. Normal Medium
Cockroaches Cockroaches have an acute sense of taste and smell, helping them avoid toxics. This, along with natural immunities, helps them grow quickly and in large numbers. Slow Medium
Mealworms Mealworms are the larval form of beetles. They grow at a medium pace and offer a good yield. Normal Medium
Buffaloworms Young Buffaloworms turn from a milky color to yellow once they are ready for harvest. They grow rather slowly but offer a substantial yield. Slow High
Waxworms Waxworms are low in protein but high in fat and are simple to grow. They mature fast and offer a medium-sized yield. Fast Medium


Name Description Required Buildings
Bread High quality Food. Is manufactured in Bakeries. Increases happiness and keeps hunger away for longer.
Veggie Meal A box of meals prepared only from vegetables.
Meat Meal A box of meals prepared from meat.
Mixed Meal A box of meals prepared from 1 meat and 2 vegetables.
Insect Meal A box of meals prepared from alternative proteins.


Name Description
Jerky High quality Food. Cured meat jerky, tough but full of energy and protein. Can be found only from the World Map
Protein Bars High quality Food. Protein-rich packaged bars of nuts, grains and other ingredients. Dry but edible. Can be found only from the World Map.
Canned Fruit High quality Food. A mix of various canned fruit preserved in sugary water. Contains lots of energy with hydration to boot. Can be found only from the World Map.