Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Resources are an essential part of manufacturing at your colony. They are used to create buildings, produce high end items, and of course, for trade.


Name Description Buildings Components
Logs Refinable material. Cut-down tree trunks refined into Firewood at the Logging Camp or Planks by the Sawmill.
Planks Building material. Basic building material produced at the Sawmill or scavenged from locations around the World Map.
Energy A unit of power. Produced at Power Plants and stored in Batteries, required by most high-end buildings.
Food Crucial for colonists and in constant demand, a wide variety of food from vegetables to meat and insects is critical for survival.
Metal Building material. Scavenge Metal from Metal deposits around the colony using the Scrapper building. Some locations in the World Map also have small quantities of Metal available.
Junk Refinable material. A by-product from a Scrapper digging for Metal, refined into useful Parts at the Mechanic Shop.
Parts Building material. High-end mechanical bits used for advanced buildings and items.
Tools Colonist item. Everyday items for digging, cutting and so on. A Colonist without Tools works at a considerably slower pace. Created at the Toolshop or scavenged from the World Map.
Water A basic element of creating and sustaining life, a Colonist without Water from a Well will quickly perish.
Clothing Colonist item. A set of layered clothes offering some measure of protection against the elements. A Colonist without them is more susceptible to get hypothermic or become irradiated.
Fiber Refinable material. Various sheets of fiber large and strong enough for weaving to create Clothing at the Tailor.
Metal Scrap Refinable material. Miscellaneous metal bits which can be separated and cleaned up for Metal or Junk by the Scrapper.
Plastic Trash Refinable material. Old trash which can be separated and cleaned up for usable Plastic or Fiber by the Recycler.
Firewood Refined resource. Used for cooking raw food into nutritious Meals at the Cookhouse or Mess Hall. Created by the Logging Camp.
Concrete Building material. Basic building material that can be found from the ruins around the colony and from various locations in the World Map.
Weapons Specialist item. Weapons provide firepower necessary for Specialists to attack the well-defended bandit camps across the World Map.
Fuel Combustible liquid able to power vehicles and buildings alike. Highly sought after commodity in the post-apocalypse.
Medicine Various medicinal products used for treating Colonists with injuries, radiation sickness and so on.
Components Advanced building material. Used for building structures that produce or consume energy and refined further into Electronics for high-end buildings.
Plastic Used for construction and item production. Scavenge Plastic from Plastic deposits around the colony using the Recycler building. Some locations on the World Map also have small quantities of Plastic available.
Fun Box Building material. A selection of various entertainment products from the old world. Required by all entertainment buildings. Can only be found on the World Map.
Herbal Medicine Simple natural remedies against various ailments. Limited effectiveness in treating Injuries. Grown in: Greenhouse\nGrowth rate: Slow\nYield: Low
Iodine Pills Pills containing radiation-absorbing Iodine. Used for curing Radiation Sickness. Using Iodine Pills speeds up the healing process considerably.
Antibiotics An effective cure against all Infections. Using antibiotics against infections speed up the healing considerably.
Vaccine Antitoxins meant for purifying the body of harmful agents. Cures Poisoning.
Electronics Building material. A very high-end material for the most advanced buildings. Refined from Components or scavenged from World Map locations.