Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Other societies may be encountered on the World Map by your Specialists, and will engage in trade with your colony - if possible.


Name Dscription Notes Strategies
Mechanis Mechanis is truly worthy of its name. The region is filled with old tool shops, junkyards and vehicle dealerships, feeding much-needed metal and parts to the society for use and trade.
Trinity Very secretive and suspicious group who are wary of strangers on their lands. They seem to have plenty of resources, but sell their most valuable goods only to those who have proven themselves worthy.
Brotherhood A militaristic cult of ex-soldiers and guns for hire. They appreciate those who have what they need, but double-crossing them will lead to dire consequences. Their enemies are dealt with extreme measures.
New Haven A mysterious society that happens to produce a lot of meat. They're adamant it's from fishing and hunting, but rumours say their secret is in capturing lone survivors. Whatever the case, there's definitely more here than meets the eye.
Northfield Real jolly bunch of smugglers and hustlers, who'll happily scam you every chance they get. However, they have the best selection of very valuable electronics and components around these parts.
Benedict An old sect of people who still believe in the kindness of people, but will punish sinners without mercy. Their fertile lands have avoided wide scale fallouts, but the society is widespread and is therefore vulnerable to attacks.
Woodbury A society built around a functioning sawmill with lots of production facilities still in working condition. These people are rebuilding fast and pay a good price for spare parts and other high-end materials.
Little Anvil A burgeoning town set up around an old forge. The thick air's heavy with smoke and soot pouring out from the metalworks. The people here are hardy and surprisingly open to newcomers and trades alike.
Alexandria An ambitious but vital project, the town of Alexandria is essentially one big library. Some of the most notable archivists, historians and sociologists work here in order to preserve knowledge still left in the world.
Old Forum Founded inside a massive shopping center, Old Forum has grown into a respectable-sized village. Its stores have been converted into apartments and lowest floors are heavily barricaded and defended against any threat.
Triagia Discovering a fully stocked hospital is like finding a unicorn next to a fountain of youth. The people of Triagia area acutely aware of the jackpot they're sitting on top of and jealously defend its riches against bandits and thieves alike.
Maximus An explosion of color and flashing lights, Maximus doesn't hide its hedonistic excess. They've hoarded a mountain of trashy movies, novels and old entertainment to binge on, and lure traders to stay in town for a while longer, or forever.
Chemville You smell Chemville long before you see it. The fumes from old polymer vats and sun-baked plastics are guaranteed to give traders a headache. Their stockpiles are considerable, though, and chemvilleans assure you'll get used to the smell.
Greentown Greentown's name is very on-the-nose but accurate. Built on top of possible the most fertile bit of land around, anything townsfolk grow prospers. They're flush with all types of vegetables, and happy to trade them.