Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

Vehicles are one of the greatest tools a colony can have, boosting the ability of your specialists to travel across the World Map. However, they require a great amount of investment on the colony's part and multiple buildings.


Each vehicle is characterized by several statistics, including speed, maneuverability, armor, passenger and cargo capacity, and of course, its combat performance: Attack and durability.


Type Description
Technical Lightly armored fast pickup. Good for scouting.
Rover Balanced combination of capacity and speed. Good for trading and scavenging.
SUV Armored and armed beast capable of taking and dishing out damage. Perfect for combat missions.
Muscle Car Bandits are show-offs with black muscle cars. Sound great, drives fast, but are not always the most practical in the post-apocalypse.
Truck Slow but well armored vehicle that can carry even large specialist teams. Bandits won't have a chance if you bring this beast into battle.
Buggy A fast vehicle with good offroad capabilities makes this a very good scout car. There is not plenty of room for specialists or cargo.
Pickup A balanced combination of speed, protection and transportation.