Surviving the Aftermath Wiki

The map is divided into sectors which need to be scouted first for potential locations. It is a hugely important part of the game, especially early on when your colony is still unable to produce most advanced goods. Populated by Bandits and other colonies known as Societies, the World Map has both its hardships and rewards.

To scavenge abandoned locations, fight bandits and Research Science Points, you need Specialists. Each has their own personality and a particular set of skills from Exploration to Attack and Research. Having the right person for the right job expedites the process of extracting Metal from an old tanker or searching for valuable Science Points in a museum. Specialists can also be hurt by hazards within crumbling buildings or by bandits, so remember to bring them back to the colony to recover.

Uncovering the World Map sector by sector affords new opportunities to bring back resources most needed at the colony. Without proper exploration, the colony might survive but never truly thrive.


Action Points or AP are used on the World Map. Each traversed hex consumes a number of AP. All actions such as Scavenging or Attacking use up all remaining points. Travelling on solid ground such as Plains is faster than plowing through mud and water on the Marshlands, so plan your route accordingly. Different Specialists have a different amount of AP at their disposal per turn, with Scouts being the top dogs in that category.

When travelling on the World Map, try to optimize your AP use by using that last remaining point to scavenge a location you're about to stop near, for example. That way, you can travel the farthest and waste the least AP in the action.


Gathering resources from the World Map is handled by Specialists. The Scavenging skill varies from person to person, so try to choose the one with the highest number for the most important locations. Every Specialist is proficient in this to a degree, but the Scavenger types can pick a place clean much faster than others. Low-end materials such as Food or Planks can be gathered in larger quantities than items such as Medicine, as they're easier to find in usable condition. The World Map is the only place to find Components and Electronics early on to get your Energy Production going.

Some World Map locations are already occupied by Bandits who need to be taken out before any resources can be scavenged. Many locations are also rife with Hazards, ranging from collapsing buildings to flammable liquids, pathogens and more. These can injure Specialists or even kill them if the wounds are not taken care of with medkits or by recovering in the colony.